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Our Story

Hello Pet lovers! Thank you for visiting our website and checking out what we do. How it Started


The Australian Shepherd “How Australian Shepherd Pets Started” is a story about the founding of Australian Shepherd Pets and how we got started.

Australian Shepherd Pets is a small family owned business that began in 2012. Our Australian Shepherds are Nova and Rainy, they are both 100% Australian heritage, we breed them as well our males and females so this means we have an extremely large number of puppies in our care at any time! We have been successful in breeding, show and field trial Australian Shepherds since 1998. Our dogs are very athletic and fun, they enjoy the outdoors whether it’s chasing cows or going on long hikes or just running around and playing fetch – they will do whatever you want to do. We are located in Wyoming, Montana where we have acres of land with cattle and horses to keep our dogs busy!

Australian Shepherd pets Grows

The Australian Shepherd is a highly active and energetic dog who needs regular exercise. This fun-loving companion will do well in agility, flyball, herding or other canine sports. He’s loyal to his family and can be protective of them if he sees or hears something out of the ordinary. With proper training and care, he likes to live inside with his family and does well in an apartment or small space as long as he gets lots of attention. This is a very good dog, very energetic and active, needs a lot of exercise. Please the qualities of this breed

The Australian Shepherd is a jumpy, energetic, and devoted breed of livestock guardian dog that originated in Australia. The Australian Shepherd has become well known for its talents in agility and, to a lesser extent, herding.

Australian Shepherd is a large dog with a very energetic personality. It was bred for herding, so the Australian Shepherd has both high energy and an independent mind. These qualities make them great pets for those who want to take on an active lifestyle, but may be too much for those who just want a lazy dog to cuddle with in the couch.

Most of our puppies are raised in a family environment with children or at the least have been introduced to visiting children. Most of our breeders raise 2 to 3 litters of puppies each year but we have some that raise up to 6 to 7 litters.

Our focus is to work with hobby breeders and stay away from the larger operation breeders with a lot of dogs. We feel that when a breeder has only a small number they will have a better focus on quality. It is just like everything else if it gets too large of an operation the quality of socialization can decrease.

Our Mission

The mission of Australian Shepherd Pets is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home purebred Australian Shepherds. We provide public education and outreach activities that serve to reduce the number of unwanted animals euthanized in our community shelters each year. Our goal is to bring about a paradigm shift in the way people view their relationships with animals and encourage them to become better stewards of God’s creation by adopting pets from shelters instead of buying from breeders or pet stores.

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