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Transporting Your Puppy From Our Home to Yours

Our transportation service ensures that your pet arrives safely and will meet their travel schedule. We use the safest products available to ensure your pet’s comfort, most pets love our Puppy Shipping Service because it feels like a calm car ride. Our Puppy Shipping Service is a convenient and cost-effective means to transport your puppy. Our staff will provide the crate, shipping service, and pick-up of your new pet at its destination.

Although picking up your puppy in person at the breeder is ideal, we understand this is simply not practical for everybody. To accommodate those who cannot pick up their puppy in person, we offer two puppy travel and delivery options:


Puppy Air Travel

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Airport Selection:

We’ll find and choose the most convenient airport that provides a pet program and an incoming flight schedule that is best for the pup.



We take care of communicating and coordinating with you and the breeder to insure your pup is well-prepared for their travel day. We work with you and the breeder to coordinate schedules, and you will be provided with a full flight itinerary.


Puppy Pickup:

We will pick up your puppy from the breeder and transport them to the airport. We love this because we get to spend extra time with your pup in helping them to have the best travel day possible!



After good-bye kisses and check in, your puppy will travel in the comfort of a new airline-approved kennel with absorbent bedding, food, and water.


Joyful Reunion:

We stay in touch with you to let you know your pup is safely on its way, and will wait to hear the good news of your new pup arriving safely in your arms!



Due to current restrictions and increased logistics/costs, pricing currently begins at $550 and may vary depending on the size and age of your puppy.

Puppy Ground Travel

Aussie Pups can be delivered by vehicle.


Together, we’ll arrange and confirm a travel date and coordinate with your puppy’s breeder to insure your puppy is ready for their exciting day they get to meet their new family.


Puppy Pickup:

Next, we’ll pick up your puppy from the breeder and transport them to your home or a pre-arranged third-party location. We love the opportunity to hang out with your pup for the day and make some road-trip memories (and potty stops) together!


Joyful Reunion:

The best part! It’s always a pleasure to hand-deliver, from our arms to yours, the new love of your life!



Eastern Ground Route: Fri-Sat
Southern Ground Route: Thur-Sat
Northwestern Ground Route: Mon-Tue
*Please contact us below for a quote that falls outside these routes/areas

Why Our Customers Love Our Travel Services

Happy Aussie puppy.


This is not our first rodeo! We are highly experienced in puppy travel and understand all the small details that will ensure your pups comfort and safety above all else.

Australian Shepherd


We work hard on all the details so that you can relax and enjoy your puppy’s arrival! All you need to worry about is preparing your home for the puppy of your dreams.

Puppy Relaxing


Whether it’s a photo at the airport or accommodating a random request, we take pride in going above and beyond in providing personalized, down-home, friendly service.


A few more details for you…

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